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smileyIn the school holiday I went to my famiy's caravan and after that we went to my Uncles housesmiley

cheekyMy favite film is the grates showmancheeky


Farthers day

On Sunday I had a BBQ.It rained and rained all night.It as so cold

I was freezing all night.I had a BBQ because it was farthers day.smileysmiley

About my brother and me

My brother and I have lots of fun at camping. I had so much fun whith my brother. Why we came camping was to get my brother and me away from x box.Mostly my brother. My brother is so much fun.


I am not good at football.because I am bad at aiming.


My favourite lesson is maths and Topic . I like swimming and mincraft . my old brother is 20 my little is 5.

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