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My favourite footballers


THIS IS IN RANDOM ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                   

1 Harry Kane

2 Dele Alli

3 Christian Eriksen 

4 Kieran Trippier

5 Alan Shearer 

6 Pele 

7 Charlie Mulgrew


I can not wait for tonight Arran and Oscar are coming up to watch Columbia play England in the round of 16. We are doing a water fight before the match,and have lots of sweets.

Three questions

What is my favourite sport.Who is my favourite football player . What football team do I support.


Maths fun week.

First of all I was working with coordinates . I played a game of battleships against Arran I Drew we had to guess were our opponents ships were and both of us did very well It was very fun .


Then we did some negative numbers we worked out goal difference in the World Cup we did every single group and we ordered them into a table it was pretty easy me and Oscar did it very quickly .Them we did some tesselation that was my favourite we got a peice of red card we scribbled on it and we cut it into two and put it back together on the bottom and we drew round the shape over and over again then  thought that my peice of card looks like flags so I did a lot of world cup flags.


Then we had to do a maths trail we had to do several maths questions we went around the school to figure them out Oscar was really good at it some questions were easy some questions were hard there was a dozen questions.

poland vs Senegal

The first goal for Senegal took a deflection the Senegal player took a shot and it deflected, it was an own goal. The second goal for Senegal was shocking, the ball was bouncing towards the keeper and he attempted to kick it but missed the ball and the Senegal was gifted a goal.Then Poland got a goal which  made it more tense but in the end Senegal is at the top of group H.



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