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the play

We had a play yesterday and all the perents came and i enjoyed the song.I was the sea and i went up twice for the first time of a play in ashleigh in suddell did like 5 are something

Something about my life

Iv got 3 dogs and 4cats there so crazy and cute.My best teacher is mr Thomson .My mum and dad are the best mum and dad ever and Iv got 2 sisters and 1brother and I like school sometimes we do easy thing and sometimes hard work but that's ok.And I've got 3 friends. 



I am not good at football.because I am bad at aiming.


I enjoyed this book because it was very funny ( all of David Walliams books are hilarious ) , they are all so very easy to understand. You can find this book in Mrs Davies library which is really good because you don't have to use your own money and purchase it yourself! David has wrote alot of great books and you can find most of them in the library. Overall I think you should really go and check it out!!!!!


IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!


Hi guys it's me Kate and i'm writing this next to Amelia and it's Friday (which i'm happy about!) I know that this is random but this week has gone soooo slow it feels like its been 3 weeks in 1 week, which is crazy! But it was all worth it because it's the weekend tommorow! On Saturday (tommorow) Holly  is coming to my house to sleepover and we are going to go in the hot tub and watch movies, I can't wait!!!




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