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I have lots of friend but I can't decide who's my best friend there's,Alphie, Olly, Riionn, Teon, Kian, Lucie and Eleanor. It's probably Eleanor, usually I fall out with my friends  we mostly play football at Olly's house we play Minecraft, Battle front and Lego marvel.



I get two holidays every year mostly Turkey and Spain I've been France and Ireland I'm half Jamacin caniadian and ireish   


Yesterday my dad sold my quadbike, I fell off it and I haven't been on it since. I got to play on his phone, it was fun. I like going to my dad's I get to see my brother and Dom.

about me

Last weekend I went to my dad's house. I built something with my lego and me and my brother smashed it. After that we went to the field, I was on the tree swing, he was playing football in the net.The week before we went to footgolf I lost. Food, my favourite type of food are burgers and subway.   



On Sunday my friends Lily and Katie came over to my house to do gymnastics,they are older then me so I got to get chucked about. Every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday I go to gymnastics and we practice a competition that is called gym for life,If I win I will get to see a professional gymnasts perform a routine.

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