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Hello guys, on this Saturday I am going to give my pony (Bert) a pamper so like groom him and give his legs,mane and tail  a wash and if it is nice weather I will give him a a full body wash and may give my puppy(Mist) a wash but only if my mum will help me because she is very very giggly like a worm but Bert is ok.

I am sitting by my self right now but it is ok because I work better if know one is taking to me.Sunday I might be going to a show to watch my Antie Lizzie and my friend Elana showing their Horses.

Right I better go bye.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people ????


Hi my name is Elizabeth and I live on a farm and on the farm we have on it sheep,hens,my pony called Berty and five dogs  which are called Vic,Hunter,Nell,Chum and Ben nearly forgot about my Puppy called Mist and I have a mum called Jill and a dad called Robert but no brothers or sisters. 

Bye ????????



I realy enjoyd my book and I recomend it to eneyone because it amazing and love star wars and I love reading so it was amazing and the best bit was when mace windu blew up the massive rapier with loeds and loeds of guns and wepons

war museum

The war museum and it was so fun seening all those tanks and the best bit was cartoon laned the picture show was good as well and sad


beat the game

Beat the game is a book with tips, hints, cheats and secrets it has lots of famous games like w2k16, fifa, amibos everything but I have to admit it hasen't got games from this year sad ? but it is really good lots of good games in it

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