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I am hoping England will win against   France are in the finals  cos they  beat  Belgium.  Croatia are  against England.   I HOPE THE SCORE IS 3  to Englend and 0 to Croatia  my favourite player is Harry Kane    and Ronaldo   my dad has been teaching me some football because he was a footballer.

Math. Is fun week 2

we did art and it was by Maurits Cornelis Escher  it was tessellation. Tessellation is when you use shapes to see if they will all fit together without leaving spaces or gaps.

I used loads of different shapes like square, triangle and rectangle. All of these shapes tessellated when I tried them. 

Math is fun week

This week we were doing math is fun week we did battleships. I played against Kalleigh.She got five hits and I got six hits. We also did co-ordinates I loved that one   Next up was tessellation so what  we did was we made a   Shape but it was not a  normal shape and we coped it on to a piece of paper and. Tried to make  a shape with it . I made my shape into a pig. We did loads of stuff about World Cup.



My team were Serbia  . I loved the Mach   They played against. Costarica 


Aleksander Kolarov

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Name: Aleksandar Kolarov

Date of birth:10/11/1985

Place of birth: Serbia

Height: 1.87m

Club: Roma

Squad: 13

Position: Defender

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