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1. Poppy 2.Gabby 3 Lilly 4  Rebecca 5 marah  6 Emily 7 Danika 8 Eleanor 9  Lucie  10  Daisy 11  Anya  

when my tooth came out.

Last night I was messing  with my  tooth.cheekyI was watching  TV.When my mum and dad said it was time to go to bed. So I  went to bed. When I was going  to give my mum a kiss  for bed my  mum  went  Ra and when she said Ra.I was still messing   with my tooth.  but when my mum scared me  my tooth came out.But when my tooth came out it went  down my  couch  because it bounced. So I got really upset.  But  when I got in bed. My  mum found it. And in the morning  I got up in  and looked under my pillow  and I had 1 pound 50.kiss?

About me

Hi my name is Sophie.I have a pet and it is a dogkiss. I love dogs.surprise In the Easter holidays I went to happy daze because it was my friend's  birthday party.smileyOn Easter Sunday i  had so many Easter eggs it just filled my whole shelf.cheekyMe and my sister counted all our Easter eggs and we had 14 Easter eggs.blush It is my birthday in a month. My favourite   drink is apple juice. My  favourite  food  is pizza. My sisters name is Olivia she is the best sister I could have. winkI have lots of  friends my best one is

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