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Wold Cup faces

2  December,2010 Russia,for the first time in it history,was granted the right to host the FIFA World Cup. the finals of the tournament will be held from June 14 to July 15,2018. 

32 teams will take part in competition. Russia and 13 national teams would represent European zone(Russia was automatically qualified for the championship as the host country),five national teams from African zone, and ten from Asia and South America, and three from North American zone. Another two tournament tickets will be decided in playoffs.smiley

My three questions2.

1.How old am I ?


2.When was I born?


3.How many animals have I got ?

Maths fun week.

Maths fun week is when you play games to do with maths.


The first thing we did was the song and it was called seven wars,it  was so good.


The second thing we did was tessellation with shapes and that means two shapes join and if two shapes don't join it is not a tessellation.


The third thing we did was races on purple mash and what you do is you will get asked a question and if you answer a question you move forward but if you do not answer a question you will not move forward,it was very fun.

Tunisia vs England.

Tunisia lost in the football game on Monday and England won 2-1 I was sad that Tunisia lost.



Tunisia booked their return to the FIFA  world cup after a 12-year absence,topping africa group A,to head to their fifth edition of the tournament.


Tunisia vs England.

Belgium vs Tunisia.

panama vs Tunisia.

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