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This is a picture of Harry Potter


I got a music box that plays the theme tune for my birthday

I love love love the films they're so good!!!

My favourite character is Ron Weasley

The End


My birthday

My birthday was amazing!

It was on the 30th  of June, 2018.

I invited four Friends to sleep over.

(only three slept Matilda was sick)

We went swimming and messed with my noisy putty that makes **** noises.






The four friends were: Emily D, Evelyn, Matilda and Alissa

My Three Questions

  1. What is my Favourite mythical creature?
  2. What year was I born?
  3. What is my favourite food?

Maths fun week 2

We did tesellation which is where there are shapes that can fit in with other/same shapes. M.C Esher invented it.

Maths fun week

This week was Maths fun week and we did lots of fun maths.


This week was called Maths Fun Week and first we did a game of battleships and I won against Matilda then we started playing another game but we still haven't finished it yet!


We also did some Star Wars maths singing the 5x table and the 7x table with Luke Warmwater and Daft Vader.


Our calculations were about the World Cup as well as listing the leaderboard. It was LOADS of fun!


We also did a maths trail which is in the playground and we were answering questions from a sheet.



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Hi, My name is Charlotte I have lots of friends! 

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friends: Emily D, Giwan, Alissa, Lucy Br, Matilda, I have lots more just can't list them 

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