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FIFA World Cup Matches Group A and Group B.

Group A                                                                  Group B

Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia                                        Morocco 0-1 Iran

Egypt 0-1  Uruguay                                                 Portugal 3-3 Spain

Russia 3-1 Egypt                                                    Portugal 1-0 Morocco 

Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia                                            Iran   0-1 Spain

Uruguay 3-0 Russia                                                      Spain 2-2 Morocco

Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt                                          Portugal    1-1

My Three Questions

1. Who’s my favourite Football team?

2. Who do I play for?

3. What is my favourite subject?


World Cup dream team world XI

This is the World Cup World cup Dream team world XI



1.David Seaman

            RB                                                 CB                                CB                                  RB       

3.Kyle Walker                                Bobby    Moore                 Paulo    Maldini           Roberto Carlos



            LM                                                                 Pele                                                    RM

7.     Mpappe                                                                                                                       12.  Figo

             LW                                                            ST                                      ST                         RW

17. Ronaldo                                     9. Brazilian Ronaldo            10. Geoff Hurst      11. Lionel Messi


Manager Sir Alex Ferguson.


Maths fun week tessalation,co-ordinates and World Cup.


So the World Cup was about Maths fun week because we were talking about minus and plus numbers I did it really fast so did Oscar and George. For example if a team wins 9-0 the team that wins the game get's +9 goal difference and if the team that looses 9-0 get's -9 goal difference.



This is often called battleships I played against Edward i did alright Edward was better than me though battleships is guessing and Co-ordinates are like this (9,9) so if you play battleships  hopefully you are good at guessing.



So you get a red Rectangle then cut a wiggly line get a blank white piece of paper put the red rectangle on the paper draw all the way around it do that again and again until it covers that sheet of paper then you can do anything in them shapes I did the World cup and then you are finished.


Jos\xe9 Gim\xe9nez

0-0 Uruguay can’t get a goal but suddenly it’s the 90th minute it’s a free kick it comes in the box “Giménez” Shouted the Commentator “ What a goal” said the other one. Egypt did so well until that point. Mo Salah was very annoyed and so was the other mad Egypt players. Uruguay just Couldn’t get a goal until the 90th minute. Uruguay have got Saudi Arabia next game and Uruguay are 2nd in the Group stage so they should win.

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