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My three questions

What is my favourite star wars character?


Were was I born?


When was I born?



Russia v Egypt

Before the match Egypt were happy to have their expert striker - Mo Salah - back in the team. Russia were confident after their 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia. The first half was quite even with both teams going close. After the break,Russia managed to score a lucky goal when a wild shot was put into his own net by Ahmed Fathi  in the 47 minute. Over the next 17 minutes , Russia dominated the play and scored twice - Cheryshev in the 59'minute and Dzyuba in the 62 minute.Egypt scored a consolation goal through the mighty Mo Salah however it was too little too late.

Russia celebrated the 3-1victory with their fans.



Russia are the host nation for the 2018 World Cup. Russia are playing the first match against Saudi Arabia on Thursday 14th June at 4pm (after the opening ceremony). Russia do not boast any world renowned stars as 21 of the 23 man squad play their football in the Russian national league. Their youngest player is Aleksandr Golovin at 22years old. The oldest is Sergei Ignashevich at 38 years old. Russia want to please their home fans and surprise other nations with victory!

Giant and deadly fish

I know a lot about fish like the bull shark , giant stingray and the African Alligator. These can way over 100pounds.



Roman towns

The Roman towns were full of fine buildings and temples.

The Romans built Britain's first towns.

Only the Rich had water piped to their houses.


Roman Baths


People went to public Baths for Entertainment,healing or just to get clean.

Every town had its own bath complex.

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