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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

I have been reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and I have really enjoyed it because it makes you laugh out loud  and you feel like you are on a jouney with Greg and that lot, my faviarot book of them are The Last Straw. If you say that you do not like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid I will POP, BUT oviously everbody loves Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (DOAWK) because it is


Hello guys, on this Saturday I am going to give my pony (Bert) a pamper so like groom him and give his legs,mane and tail  a wash and if it is nice weather I will give him a a full body wash and may give my puppy(Mist) a wash but only if my mum will help me because she is very very giggly like a worm but Bert is ok.

I am sitting by my self right now but it is ok because I work better if know one is taking to me.Sunday I might be going to a show to watch my Antie Lizzie and my friend Elana showing their Horses.

Right I better go bye.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people ????


Hi my name is Elizabeth and I live on a farm and on the farm we have on it sheep,hens,my pony called Berty and five dogs  which are called Vic,Hunter,Nell,Chum and Ben nearly forgot about my Puppy called Mist and I have a mum called Jill and a dad called Robert but no brothers or sisters. 

Bye ????????


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Hi I am Elizabeth, I live on a farm and on the farm we have sheep,hens,6 dogs and my pony called Bert.

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