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Beauty And the Beast.

So Beauty and the Beast A great book that i bought from the book fair.I went to see the film and it was amazing So when i saw that they where selling it i was so determaind to buy the book so as soon as school finished i ran home and got some money and ran back to school to buy this book. As soon as i got it i went back to my house and read the book this was probbly the book that really made me want to read more. i would like to say thankyou Mrs Davies for selling this book at the book fair.  

My Weekend !!!!

So Today we have to write a blog so here is mine. This weekend on Saturday I am sleeping at one of my bestfriends house and we are going to go in her Hot Tub then we are also going to watch movies, have midnight feast and many more exciting things. Then the next morning we will have breakfast and then we might go in the hot tub again then we will facetime my other friends Olivia and Amelia. And finallly just chill and do other cool things like we always do. heartsmileyxxx?

After school I......

thank you Hi I’m holly and today we all have to write a new blog so here is mine. I will be telling you about what I do when I get home from school. Firstly, when I get home I take my shoes of, take my coat of and drop my bag in my room. If it’s sunny I would normally get changed and playout I normally play out for a long time so by the time I get back its normally time for me to have my tea. After My tea i would normally ether plat my hair, play with slime,chill on my phone or laptopand manymore normally then i have to read and get it sined but after that it's normally pretty late so i go to sleep.


My Holiday

In the two week holidays on the 10th of April i went on holiday to Lanzarote I was so excited.Firstly when we got to the Airport we went through security.After that we went shopping after shopping for a while it was finally time two get on our plane.4 hours later.... we have finally landed in Lanzarote and its so sunny. I Can't wait for the rest of my holiday.  THE END


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