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  1. Never share persanal fings to the people you dont know. 
  2. Block the people that upset you.
  3. If people are mean dont react tell a teacher are perents.
  4. tell a adult if somebody is beeing mean on facebook instergram snapchat facetime
  5. Dont copy the people on social media thats beeing ruad and horrable

Pirates Versus Mermaids

It all started off with the audition with a script that wasn't the real play.I dident get a part because im new but at lest i got to do it this year . My mum came and wached it with my dad and my mum brought my dad and my dad was laughing at the parat jonny when he sedie hellow sausage.I was a sea holder.My favourite song was the Pirates versus Mermaid song were the boys and the girls sing seprate.I was nervous and at the end i was proud of my self for setteling into the play and learing the songs on my own but my friends encouraged me to learn the play because i dident  know eny songs are lines but i just sang and i got the lines right.It was funny when the pirates found the mermaid cave because he pointed at a boy then moved his finger to a girl.I LOVED the play it was fun.

the play

We had a play yesterday and all the perents came and i enjoyed the song.I was the sea and i went up twice for the first time of a play in ashleigh in suddell did like 5 are something

Something about my life

Iv got 3 dogs and 4cats there so crazy and cute.My best teacher is mr Thomson .My mum and dad are the best mum and dad ever and Iv got 2 sisters and 1brother and I like school sometimes we do easy thing and sometimes hard work but that's ok.And I've got 3 friends. 


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I like gymnastics and I love my mum and dad.

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