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Pirates Versus Mermaids

It all started off with the audition with a script that wasn't the real play.I dident get a part because im new but at lest i got to do it this year . My mum came and wached it with my dad and my mum brought my dad and my dad was laughing at the parat jonny when he sedie hellow sausage.I was a sea holder.My favourite song was the Pirates versus Mermaid song were the boys and the girls sing seprate.I was nervous and at the end i was proud of my self for setteling into the play and learing the songs on my own but my friends encouraged me to learn the play because i dident  know eny songs are lines but i just sang and i got the lines right.It was funny when the pirates found the mermaid cave because he pointed at a boy then moved his finger to a girl.I LOVED the play it was fun.

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Bailey S.

Commented on 10th May 2019

I like it Baileyangel

Bailey S.

Commented on 10th May 2019

Me toolaugh

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